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Quarter Life Crisis – How I Tackle It (Part 1)

It’s been forever since I last wrote on my blog and I wont lie it feels great to be back. I was still active on my Instagram and managed to push some content out. But it just didn’t feel the same.
Something was missing. I would get so excited to film a makeup tutorial or even write a couple of blog posts before. But now my motivation was lost and soon (no it wasn’t writers’ block) I found myself in quarter life crisis.

Quarter life crisis in a nutshell
Quarter life crisis in a nutshell

What is Quarter Life Crisis And Why Am I Here?

If you feel like you are falling behind in life and you happen to be in your early/mid 20s – early 30s then there’s a high chance that you’re caught up in quarter life crisis. And guess what? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. In fact, it is completely normal. Sometimes we become sceptical, even though we feel that something’s probably wrong, we can’t seem to accept facts. Quarter life crisis is not rare and its about time we talk about it.

”…A quarter life crisis is a recognised phenomenon and typically lasts about a year. It’s often felt in retrospect to be an important turning point in life and a stimulus for growth, while also being a time of heightened negative feeling, inner conflict and confusion…” (This is a part of an interesting quarter life crisis guide) From Dr. Oliver Robinson – Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Greenwich

You’re 15 and you think by the time you’re 25 you would be married to the love of your life, have a house, have a kid or 2 and have the best job in the world. But now you are 25 and reality is hitting you on face everyday.

In school/college/uni things like personal finance, mental health, property buying/selling, banking/credit cards, how to apply for jobs are never taught (btw I came up with some tips to help you land your first job, check it out). These topics are equally significant to be a part of conventional education syllabus.

How It All Started

Earlier this year I quit my job because I didn’t feel fulfilled enough to be content by it. I kind of had an idea of what I wanted to do in my life but I just couldn’t seem to get to it. Does that make sense???

Of course every person has different priorities and goals in life and if you can’t relate to whatever I just said then good for you! I am in no way an expert on how to power through quarter life crisis and every individual has a dissimilar opinion on this.

I decided to talk to my friend about it and to my surprise it all seemed a little less crazy when I said it out loud. (Please talk to someone only if you are comfortable enough) 

Old Habits Die Hard

Who else checks their phone first thing in the morning as soon as they wake up? I used to. Religiously. I would just stay in bed and spend hours on social apps. It was an instant drain of my morning motivation but I didn’t know it yet. It’s almost silly to think that something like checking your notifications in the morning could have an impact on your whole day. I wanted to get rid of this routine SO MUCH. It’s easier said than done.

So one night instead of taking my phone with me to my bedroom I just left it in the living room. Next morning I woke up and reached for my phone with half closed eyes. It wasn’t there and I recalled that it’s downstairs. To be honest I was a little relieved that my phone wasn’t next to me. Okay, for the first few days it was fine. But there were days when my phone ”MAGICALLY” appeared in the morning and you know the rest. I figured I needed a replacement. So I opened my good old list of books that I wanted to read (but never did because I didn’t have ”time”)

Take It As Challenge

I got my book and started to read it every morning in the time I would spend to read tweets. The title of the book was a perfect fit for my then situation. (Conquering Your Quarter-Life Crisis: How to Get Your Shit Together In Your 20s, you can grab yours from here if you like) The book itself felt like a long lost friend trying to teach some major life lessons to me. (Shout-out to Kali Rogers) It was great. It made me realise that I’m not alone and most importantly I’m not a loser.

Gradually I stopped comparing my life with others’. I guess the biggest problem that we face is comparison. Since the beginning of our lives we get compared, our grades get compared, our heights get compared and even the length of our hair gets compared! There is no race in life. There is no competition of who’s going to be successful first. You must (and I cannot stress this enough) get rid of the people that weigh you down.  

Overcome Your Quarter Life Crisis- You Can Do It!

Think about it, what would you like to do differently in the morning when you wake up? Do you want to wake up early? Have a healthy breakfast daily? Want to reconnect with an old friend but can’t seem to find time? Change your job? Organise your wardrobe? Bring back some fun hobby from childhood? Try it! That one thing that you really wish you didn’t do anymore… Find it and change it (I know it’s not as easy as it sounds but remember, baby steps)

I no longer spend hours on my phone in the morning. With a little determination and patience, I was able to take control. You would be surprised to read this but honestly YOU are your biggest supporter. Only you can make a change in your life. That brings me to the end of my quarter life crisis (part 1) and how I tackle it. There are many things that I want to exclude and include in my daily life. And soon I will be back with the progress in part 2. Till then you can tell me what is that one habit that you would like to change by simply commenting under this blog post.

Cheerful Patrick from Spongebob

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you feel like therapy can help you then please don’t hesitate to use an appropriately qualified therapist. Likewise if you feel that you are experiencing mental health issues then please make an appointment with a qualified doctor.

Don’t forget you’re human, It’s okay to fall. What matters is how you get up.

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