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5 Tips That Will Help You Land Your First Job Faster Than You Thought

The first thought that came into my mind when Siraaj suggested I could blog was that I would write about make up, budget shopping etc. Only a bit later I realised that there’s so much I’m learning that might help you all too. Naturally, I decided that Bare Missions will be about anything and everything that will empower us.

It’s been 3 weeks since I started to apply for jobs. I didn’t know where to begin my hunt. Safe to say it’s a nerve-wracking journey. Last few months seem like a Taylor Swift song, emotional yet exciting (with wedding hustle, settling in & leaving my old life behind). I knew I wanted to put my energy in finding a perfect job. Time to face real life responsibilities (send help pls)

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I figured that applying to 2-3 jobs per day and binge-watching Netflix won’t do me any good, mind you we’re hooked on American Horror Story. Plus, we all know stress eating is inevitable. Now I know you must be thinking that 3 weeks is not even enough time to hear back from employers but we’re anxious, we want results and we want them quick. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but it definitely works for me. So guess what? I GOT MY FIRST JOB OFFER TODAY!!!  

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How did I do it? Easy, it all came down to these 5 tips…

Your CV is your canvas

If anyone tells you otherwise please stop them at once. According to a popular study by The Ladders, an average employer spends only 6 seconds on a CV. That’s enough time guys, don’t worry (jk lol). Put everything and anything that relatively stands you out from other applicants on your resume. Make it aesthetically pleasing. Use simple fonts like Arial or Calibri. Format it as if your life depends on it. Skim it, proof read it. This could be your sole ticket to an ideal career.

Skills will pay bills

Let’s get one thing straight, nobody cares if you were the president of student council in university. They’re only interested in what you gained from it and how well you can work under pressure. You can seek help from Google but you have to put a tiny bit of effort and give real life examples of where and when you applied your key skills. For instance you are persuasive and you want to write it on your CV. The word itself won’t get you anywhere. You must write how persuaded a certain someone that rewarded you (or your company) greatly.

Say hello to your new friend a.k.a recruiters.

Recruiting agencies will play a vital role in helping you get your first job. Meet them weekly if not daily, email them, follow them on LinkedIn, call them, text them. Your significant other may find it suspicious but hey,  it’s for a greater cause. Also because this is a bare strategy to show them you’re extremely determined to work. They have close links to organisations that need employees on immediate basis. These kind of jobs don’t make it to Google.

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Search outside the box (read: job search engines)

 I can’t emphasis enough on how many jobs are not listed on employment based sites, it’s a SCAM!! Maybe. But here’s an effective technique to find work that’s not available on Google. Make a list of companies that are in your area. Check their websites or contact them via phone. Ask them if they have any job openings if they haven’t advertised it already. You’d be surprised to know the amount of opportunities that await you.

Chat with your favorite companies once in a while

Employers like recognition. Let them know you’re eager to work for their firm. I emailed my top listed organisations and requested information. Not only did they provide me with relevant instructions but also held my details for future suitable positions. This is quite advantageous because you’re networking and you don’t even know it! Hint at why you like their company and how you could be valuable for them. Every correspondence will be worth it, just stay put.

I consistently implemented these 5 methods and it rewarded me with a decent job in short time. As I said before, we are a result oriented generation. Guess it is a blessing (dabs)

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Are you looking for work? Having trouble with your first CV? Did you get your first job without any hiccups? Let me know by commenting under this blog post. If you find any mistakes please excuse me since it is my first time in blogosphere.

Happy job hunting!

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Syed Muhammad Saqib
Syed Muhammad Saqib
1 year ago

This was very well written Amani. I am extremely proud about the fact that you have started writing blogs and chose this topic to write your first blog. Quite impressive 👍🏽
Way to go girl. I can proudly say that I have taught this intelligent girl (tho that has nothing to do with the amazing work that you’re doing, but still you know teachers feel extreme proud to see their kids growing and going in the right direction, which helps others also)

1 year ago

Wow very good advice 👍 only wish I knew all this while I was applying for jobs. I gave up looking in the end after applying to millions of ads on job websites without a single reply 😬