How To Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade?

Finding the perfect foundation shade can be tricky sometimes. But I will try my best to make it simple for you.

You would think that with all these beauty brands coming out with more shades in foundation it should be easy finding your shade, but trust me all of these choices makes it harder.

Now before we jump into the hunt to find the perfect foundation shade it is worth mentioning here a little something called undertone.

So grab yourself a cuppa tea or your favourite winter snack and read ahead.

most common makeup problems

The Most Common Makeup Problems (Foundation Edition)

Let’s face it. We don’t have a beauty team available for us 24/7.

No one to touch up our makeup. No one to spray our hair. Wish we did though. How cool would that be? You get out of your bed and there’s a glam squad at your service YAS!

But for now let’s come back to reality. When it comes to makeup, you gotta have a practical mindset. You’ve done your makeup, now you’re out with your girls or on a date night.

You’ll be talking, laughing and if you’re like me you’ll be eating loads too! Of course your makeup is going to budge.

But it is less likely to do that if you take care of a few things before you apply your makeup.

In our latest post I will show you the most common makeup problems and how to fix them. YESSS