How To Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade?

Finding the perfect foundation shade can be tricky sometimes. But I will try my best to make it simple for you. You would think that with all these beauty brands coming out with more shades in foundation it should be easy finding your shade, but trust me all of these choices makes it harder. Now before we jump into the hunt to find the perfect foundation shade it is worth mentioning here a little something called undertone. So grab yourself a cuppa tea or your favourite winter snack and read ahead.

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What is undertone and how do I find it? The key to your perfect foundation shade

When it comes to finding your perfect shade in foundation, you must know your undertone. Undertone is the color underneath your skin that has an influence on your skin shade. Generally there are three undertones, cool warm and neutral. The easiest way find it is to check the color of your veins on your wrist. If they appear to be blue then you have a cool undertone. If they look green then you have a warm undertone. If they seem to be a mix of both blue and green then you have a neutral undertone.

Are there other ways to find my undertone?

Yes, absolutely. Another interesting way of finding your undertone is to check what colour jewellery suits you more. Wear either silver earrings or a golden necklace, whichever looks better than the other will determine your undertone for the perfect foundation shade. If you feel that golden compliments your skin tone more then you’re most likely to have warm undertone, if silver earrings look amazing on you then you’re a cool toned babe. But if you can’t decide on either then welcome to the club! You have a neutral undertone. There are many other ways from which you can find your undertone. For instance the color of your hair, eyes or even clothes! 

What complexion I am according to my undertone?

It’s simple. For cool undertones you’re most likely to have red/pink complexion. If you have warm undertone then your complexion will be either yellow or golden and sometimes even peach. Neutral undertone has the best of both worlds because it will always be a mixture of cool and warm undertones.

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How do I know I bought my perfect shade of foundation?

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Now this might be a bit complicated. The safest way to buy a foundation is to grab a tester or a sample first. There’s no rush. After all you are buying something that you will probably use every day. Once you’ve found the right shade you can ask them to give you a sample. If samples are not available then you can try foundation for 24 hours before buying it. If you are not too fussy like me (lol) when it comes to buying makeup then you must check if the foundation shade matches your neck. Bare in mind that it will never 100% match your neck shade because the colour of your neck is always slightly different than your face skin tone but something that looks as close as that is a good indication. 

Will I be the same foundation shade in every brand?

Absolutely NOT. I wish it was this easy. Foundations are, just like their name, a key to the perfect makeup look. You can get away with an uneven eye liner or even no contour but if you don’t have the perfect foundation shade let me tell you right now sis it is going to haunt you. So please do not make the mistake of buying two same shades from two different brands. You can always ask them what shades will suit you and from my experience they should be able to guide you well. 

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So there it is. A basic guide on how to find the perfect foundation shade. I really hope that this helps you whenever you buy your foundation. Click here if you’d like to know more about most common foundation problems and how to fix them. Let me know by commenting under this post about your makeup concerns. I’ll be happy to get back to you x 

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Interesting and informative article.