How To Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade?

Finding the perfect foundation shade can be tricky sometimes. But I will try my best to make it simple for you. You would think that with all these beauty brands coming out with more shades in foundation it should be easy finding your shade, but trust me all of these choices makes it harder. Now before we jump into the hunt to find the perfect foundation shade it is worth mentioning here a little something called undertone. So grab yourself a cuppa tea or your favourite winter snack and read ahead. source: Giphy What is undertone and how do I ...
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most common makeup problems

The Most Common Makeup Problems (Foundation Edition)

Let's face it. We don't have a beauty team available for us 24/7. No one to touch up our makeup. No one to spray our hair. Wish we did though. How cool would that be? You get out of your bed and there's a glam squad at your service YAS! But for now let's come back to reality. When it comes to makeup, you gotta have a practical mindset. You've done your makeup, now you're out with your girls or on a date night. You'll be talking, laughing and if you're like me you'll be eating loads too! Of course ...
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pink rug with laptop, headphones, mug and board

Quarter Life Crisis – How I Tackle It (Part 1)

It's been forever since I last wrote on my blog and I wont lie it feels great to be back. I was still active on my Instagram and managed to push some content out. But it just didn't feel the same. Something was missing. I would get so excited to film a makeup tutorial or even write a couple of blog posts before. But now my motivation was lost and soon (no it wasn't writers’ block) I found myself in quarter life crisis. Quarter life crisis in a nutshellSource:Giphy What is Quarter Life Crisis And Why Am I Here? If ...
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Tower Bridge

7 Free Things To Do In London

First of all can we agree that January and February were bonus tracks and 2019 has officially started in March? But when you think of it Christmas and New Year's Eve feels like yesterday. Am I right? Yes? No? Ok, maybe not for everyone. So how's your year going so far? Are you crushing your goals? Taking a break/vacay? Getting married?! I'd love to know in the comments! Speaking of New Year's Eve, my husband and I were in London for holiday season and we had so much fun. Also because this was the first time we went to central ...
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Smokin' Eyes

Smokin’ Eyes in 4 EFFORTLESS Steps

Hi guys, I'm back with some nifty tips and smokin' eyes. I know none of you missed me so I won't waste your time in putting a few extra lines of how much I've been MIA & busy with work, (speaking of work, have you read my blog post on getting your first job? give it a read I promise it'll benefit you) marital life, New Year's break & whole lot of fun. LOL! Anyway, I hope you all are doing fab and crushing your 2019 goals. For me these past couple of days have been daunting. Do you ever ...
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Job hunt

5 Tips That Will Help You Land Your First Job Faster Than You Thought

The first thought that came into my mind when Siraaj suggested I could blog was that I would write about make up, budget shopping etc. Only a bit later I realised that there’s so much I'm learning that might help you all too. Naturally, I decided that Bare Missions will be about anything and everything that will empower us. It’s been 3 weeks since I started to apply for jobs. I didn't know where to begin my hunt. Safe to say it’s a nerve-wracking journey. Last few months seem like a Taylor Swift song, emotional yet exciting (with wedding hustle, ...
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